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Application / Software Development

LearnFast Interactive

About LEARNFast™


Using technology as a means to training particularly when the target is the young minds undergoing formation is very powerful. 

It provides so many possibilities that it’s really natural to get all the lesson details and have fun while using it.

Our soon to be released LEARNFast™ is an E-learning application for the young ones; which implies the use of electronic means to enhance/facilitate learning. It employs basically, the use of rich media authoring tools to convey a message.

It often incorporates dazzling pictures, sound, animation, textual information and video to provide compelling rich-media learning solutions.

We encourage you to keep an eye on this page for release date and other updates. 



ICM! [CHARACTER] is the first in the I CAN MEMORIZE! RECITAL AND MEMORY series. Find out more about content description as well and features of this creatively unique product. 


Customized E-learning Development

Customized Content Development

Our Customized Content Development process begin with the adoption of your  School/Children Church Curriculum in creating a Full fledged Highly Interactive Learning Application for the young ones. 

This customized application can be made accessible through a number of platforms: 

I.    On the internet thus making it accessible to all children irrespective of geographical location. 

II.   Customized and branded CD-Roms usable by users; a viable alternative to the internet version of the Learning       System. 


Educational Interactive Application 

[LEARNFast™] Year 1-4 Curriculum

Based on your requirements, we are able to extend the application features with the inclusion of our 

premium LEARNFast™ Interactive application, which further expands the learning and fun experience for the young ones. The LEARNFast™ solution is school based and includes an Interactive educational curriculum for children in Year 1-4.

With a team of educationists, subject matter experts, communicators and designers we ensure the delivery of creative resource which children will find engaging and useful.


The Technology

Studies indicate that if you’re stimulated with audio, you will have about twenty

percent retention rate, audiovisual is up to thirty percent and the interactive presentation

where you are really involved the retention rate is as high as sixty percent or more.


Generally E-learning application technology is designed to stimulate learning desire through:


• Intelligent interaction

• Exciting curiosity

• Provides choices

• Inviting involvement

• Challenging perceptions

• Feeding young questioning minds

• Providing opportunities for exploring and experimenting

• Creating a fun packed experience

• Distribution channels for these applications are via the web, LAN and CD-Rom.




The application is easy to use. 

Helpful information of how to use the application is built into the program. Navigation within the 

program is clearly stated and easy to use.



Everything in the program is crystal clear. 

This includes text, graphics, video, exercises, games and simulations.

Texts can use simple words and short sentences.

Graphics add impact and provide a learning point not just a pretty picture.



The program is designed in such a way as to: 

• Generate interest and curiosity

• Present a problem for solution

• Provide information and help if called for

• Generate a new point of interest and curiosity



Because we learn in different ways, the program will be made flexible so a preferred path can be 

taken before a less preferred one. We understand that children love variety hence the piece presents 

information, exercises and questions in varied formats. 

For children it is a rule- Get variety or get bored!



Learning should be fun. Fun has something to do with challenge and achievement, with problems 

and solutions, with exploring and experimenting, and with being allowed to make mistakes and to 

learn and grow. This is the fun that has been built  into all the learning programs. 



The program allows tracking of performance so the child/user can access how well each lesson 

content as been absorbed.



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